Reach your customers wherever they are online.

  • Smarter targeting.

    Your Tours and Experiences are presented to a customer who’s primed to buy.

  • Better exposure.

    With some of the world’s biggest brands promoting your sales online, there’s less need for traditional marketing.

  • No extra cost.

    ActivBookings shares booking fee revenue with our distribution partners, so there’s no added cost to you.

Restech partners (25+ connected)
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  • Bokun
  • Trekk
  • Transger
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  • Visa
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Reach your customers wherever they are online.

Frequently asked questions from Suppliers

We’ve covered the basics here but if you want to know more you can contact us.

  • How can I start selling tickets using ActivBookings?

    If your Tours and Experiences sales software is already integrated with the ActivBookings API, you can get started as a ActivBookings supplier right away. Please get in touch and we will let you know how to switch on ActivBookings for your system.

  • How much does ActivBookings cost to use?

    There is no additional cost to use ActivBookings as a ticket supplier. ActivBookings shares a negotiated booking fee with the distribution partner that sells your Tours and Experiences.

  • What if my ticketing sales software is not connected to ActivBookings?

    ActivBookings is currently integrated with many of the leading sales software. If you are currently using a system that is not connected to ActivBookings already, please contact us. With your system details and we will let you know when an integration is planned.

  • How much money do I make on a ticket sold through ActivBookings?

    ActivBookings has a fully transparent revenue model that ensures Tours and Experiences suppliers recoup the full value of every Tours and Experiences sold. The booking fee added to ticket price is shared between ActivBookings and the distribution partner.

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